Elevate Your Products with Golden Sample’s Expert Electronic Component Testing Services. 

About Golden Sample Labs

Shenzhen Golden Sample Testing Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional third-party testing institution committed to providing efficient, accurate, and trustworthy electronic component testing services.

With 3 testing laboratories in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, equipped with advanced testing equipment, and staffed by nearly 20 professional engineers, we support a range of testing items, including EVI, X-Ray Inspection, XRF, electrical testing, solderability testing, decapsulation, and more. We strictly adhere to internationally recognized testing standards, ensuring that our testing processes meet the highest industry benchmarks.

We also offer personalized testing services tailored to the unique technical and quality requirements of different industries and projects. 


Our Values

Trustworthiness: Built on a foundation of trust and reliability, we adhere to high standards of testing processes and professional services, ensuring customer trust and satisfaction.

Excellence: We pursue excellence as an unwavering commitment in our work, striving to surpass customer expectations in every detail.

Customer-Centric: We prioritize customer needs, listening and understanding their expectations, and working to provide tailor-made testing solutions.

Team Collaboration: We emphasize team collaboration, recognizing it as the key to achieving excellence. We respect each team member, encourage innovation, and foster information sharing.

Our Misson

In the field of electronic component testing, we are committed to providing customers with the most professional and reliable testing services. By continually investing in advanced technology, we lead industry development, offering comprehensive support to our customers with trustworthy test results and high-quality services. Our team, with a professional and collaborative attitude, strives to create value for customers, becoming the trusted choice in the field of electronic component testing.

Our Team

At Golden Sample Laboratory, our success stems from a vibrant and professional team. With rich hands-on experience and a forward-thinking technological vision, they quietly contribute in every corner of the laboratory, delivering efficient and precise electronic component testing services for our clients.

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